Conflict Management

Unresolved conflicts obstruct living and working together, creativity, development and profit creation; they rob you of time, nerves, money and in the process – the joy of life itself.

Within the scope of comprehensive conflict management, we provide you with our many years of experience aimed at preventing or amicably and sustainably resolving disputes.

You would like targeted management of conflict processes for your company, your contractual relationships or even for your family, in order to preemptively steer difficult situations and conflicts in the right direction.

We can advise you on this and can work with you to formulate – for collaboration with your business partners, for example – the most suitable mediation provisions, such as a stipulation that in the event of a conflict, the parties shall seek a solution in mediation.

You are looking for assistance in a difficult negotiation or you’re in a quandary. We will moderate your discussions or personally coach you to successfully reach your goals.

You want to resolve an existing conflict quickly and conclusively in a way that protects your interests and avoids a long and costly court or arbitral procedure, for example for a B2B conflict.

As professionals, we support you in this process in a professional and uncomplicated manner – mediation is also the method of choice in the new code of civil procedure for the autonomous resolution of conflicts with the support of experienced mediators.