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Seeking out new tourist locations as a backdrop for refreshing the soul is a wonderful thing. Putting one’s personal human existence and pursuits in perspective on remote shores can also be more productive than is often the case in the midst of hectic daily activities at home. With careful planning, a trip also promotes mutual understanding of different peoples and cultures.

For me as a guest in my home country and abroad, important aspects of traveling include a modicum of self-denial when it comes to making demands, and taking personal responsibility for everything one does as a tourist. In other respects, professionals may be able to guarantee high-quality travel arrangements, in which case I am happy to forego long searches and planning on the Internet.

Dr. Peter Krepper as our consultant in the travel industry and as workshop trainer (Manual of Tourism Law), advocates professionalism in the provision and organization of tourist services. In addition to national and international tourism and travel law, it is also a matter of conflict prevention and as an option, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) adapted to the travel company.

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Handbuch Tourismusrecht (Book Cover)

Handbuch Tourismusrecht – für Studium und Praxis
Dr. iur. Peter Krepper
3rd edition
Schulthess 2022
288 pages, paperback
CHF 98.—

Flyer «Handbuch Tourismusrecht» (in German)