Example: Case Management

Case Management is a systemic (and systematic) approach within the working and insurance environments and in social work that has now become indispensable, the aim of which is to lend support to persons with physically and/or psychologically limited capabilities and who can no longer find their way in their complex living situations. This approach, which is oriented toward clients, resources, and objectives, and entails the inclusion of family members, employers, physicians and insurance companies in the analysis, planning and implementation process, increases the chances of success of the vocational, medical, and social rehabilitation of an injured individual.

When is a Case Manager brought in?

If your health-related problems affect several areas of life, your family life, your social environment, your profession, and your leisure time activities, and difficult insurance-related or other legal issues are also involved, it is easy to lose one’s orientation. If after a serious illness or after an accident, you no longer know, which vocational prospects are still open to you, and medical treatment and other rehabilitation efforts require time and energy that your partner or your caregivers are lacking, you may feel anxiety regarding your relationship, your children, and your financial security. If you feel abandoned by your employer, your insurance company, or your family, you might distance and isolate yourself from your environment.

Independent professional support can help you rediscover your resources, and find confidence in yourself and your personal environment, and little by little reestablish a hold on your professional and private life.